Hello! I’m Raúl Martínez, or as you probably know me as, Molegato.

I’m a game developer and digital artist from Spain, working on games like Frogun or Supersonic Tank Cats.

I was born in 1989 and fell in love with videogames as soon as I was exposed to them. I’m a big fan of Crash Bandicoot (Crash 2 is my fav game!), Megaman X, Sonic, and The Binding of Isaac. So of course I wanted to make my own games when, being 14 or so, I found out I could do just that!

Now I try to capture the magic of my childhood favorite games through a modern lens, and to make people happy the same way those games made me happy even in hard moments.

If you want to follow my developments in real time, follow me on any of my social media, where I post gifs and screenshots daily!