Demented Pixie Press Kit


Demented Pixie Press Kit

By: Raúl Martínez Garrido on September 12nd, 2016

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lib_loc_dungeonbottomDemented Pixie is a twin-stick top-down shooter and roguelike hybrid with a unique visual style and a compromise between deep mechanics and simple controls. In it, you control the titular Demented Pixie, which was incarcerated long ago because crazy faeries are incredible powerful and dangerous. Its purpose is to escape confinement, but as it leaves behind its jail and traverses the dungeon, it is clear that each escape just adds a layer of barriers to break, as wherever it goes there are other pixies bent on killing or containing it again.
This intense quest will take part in never-repeating randomized maps full of esoteric items and enemies, with a magical atmosphere and beautiful, haunting music, intense boss fights and the ever-present threat of permadeath.


  • Beautiful, unique art style, in which darkness and light are sewn together.lib_mark_snowflake
  • Rich, inmersive and a bit surreal atmosphere.
  • Straight up MAGICAL music and sound effects by Leith Atia, from Audioboy Productions.
  • Mysterious items and powers adquired in each run. You always know how you play at the start, but never how you’ll play at the end of a run!
  • Lots of enemies with different designs and behaviors.
  • Big numbers of different bosses. You won’t even fight the same ones every run!
  • Bits of lore available in the constantly filling Library, to learn more about every enemy, zone, item…lib_mark_spew
  • Tons of unlocks to add different characteristics to future runs.
  • Unique jigsaw puzzle-like equipment system.
  • All of the 30+ powers that marks bestow you can be combined cumulatively.
  • Different endings, paths, final bosses, secret levels…
  • Different ‘Roles’ give you access to different perks during each run.


Molegato is an independent games developer and digital arts creator, most notably involved in ‘Chainsaw Cat to the rescue’ and making its debut with commercial games with this title. Visit him at

The Molegato studio is comprised entirely by him, and made official at April 1st 2016 after long years of designing free games as a hobby. Now there are many possibilities open with Demented Pixie just being the first commercial, full-lenght videogame in their plans.


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  • I really want to get my hands on this one!
    -Joshua Robertson, Flash Reviews


Raúl Martínez Garrido / Molegato: Game design, Direction, Graphic design, Programming
Leith Atia / Audioboy: Sound direction, Sound design, Music composition, Sound effects creation