The big Demented Pixie Contest & Raffle


This is it! A big damn raffle and contest at the same time! Let’s celebrate Demented Pixie!
For those of you that come late, Demented Pixie is a PC videogame I’m developing that will be released real soon! You can find all sorts of info here.

Rules are simple! Make a gameplay video on youtube, a kickass fanart or write an article about it. Be sure to play the demos to know what you’re doing! Then tell me by commenting here, sending me a note in deviantArt, or contacting me by any other social media account.

The contest ends October 5th 2016!


  • The three best entries will get Steam, Desura and Itch.IO if and when submitted to each platform (Steam first needs to approve of the game via greenlight, which is what we’ll help do here!).
  • Every entry, including winners, sill have an equal chance to win a free regular-size commission or be able to design an enemy for the game!

Obvious rules:

  • Raffle winners can get in contact with each other to exchange their prizes if they want, but they must do so within a week after the results are posted!
  • You MUST link to its steam greenlight page in your work or work description.
  • Be totally sincere, if you don’t like the game or aren’t interested on it, don’t participate, and if you must say nice things about it, say things that hold true to you!
  • I will personally choose the contest winners, and the rest will be selected by random number generator.
  • No porn, although I don’t even know how you’d do that with this game.
  • If any rule is missing right now and later on I find about it, I can add it.



Participants so far:

  1. digitalSatyr23‘s gameplay
  2. Th3BlueRose‘s gameplay
  3. Sarangonvoid‘s fanart